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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Eye opener!

Well my eyes have been opened today!  A friend of mine, who is doing this same fast, told me I should get the book, The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast by Kristen Feola.  I got it today and am floored.  I thought I was doing this fast right but I see after reading the first 17 pages that I am missing a bit.  What a wonderful book.  She starts off by talking about Daniel and his story.  She points out that we don't want to duplicate Daniel's menu but his heart.  I do believe my intentions have been pure but I definitely haven't had a heart like Daniel.  Daniel's heart was mourning over what his people were going to have to endure.  The Bible says he ate no choice meat or wine for three weeks.  She goes on to say that probably meant meat and sweets.  Daniel wanted to deny himself any food that gave him pleasure.  I am not mourning for people but for my own spiritual life since I desire food over God many times. 
I was so excited yesterday because I figured out how to make no bakes with all natural ingredients.  I have had this recipe for some time now but it has butter in it.  I thought I couldn't have it but then yesterday figured out it would work if I substituted olive oil for butter.  I made them yesterday and was thrilled.  If I want to truly die to myself and food that gives me pleasure for 21 days I need to get rid of sugar all together during the fast.  Not to mention in the book she says no sugar at all. 
As I was reading all of this and letting it all soak in, I have to tell you, it made me cry.  I deeply desire to do this and give God complete control of every area of my life but food has such a hold on me that I know it will be painful.  I cherish all of your prayers that I will deny myself to draw closer to God.

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