I am nothing special. Just an average girl desiring to share how Jesus has taken this mess and turned it into something beautiful!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jeff's Perspective

Well, this is Jeff and I have taken over Jen's blog for the day. It has been a very challenging week for Jen, but she has done AMAZING! I always love when I see Jennifer do something for the sake of her relationship with God. As her husband it actually pains me to see her struggle so much in this area. It's one of those things that I wish I could fix, but unfortunately I can't.
She did make an amazing meal for me last Tuesday and I felt bad for banana girl, yet proud of her for staying faithful to her promise to God. Although she says she has been grumpy, she has actually been very joyful for the most part. (There may have been a day or two where the grumps outshined the joys :) )
Following Christ is a life long process of denying yourself. Jennifer has done a great job choosing to follow what she feels Christ has called her to do during this 21 day Daniel fast.
She is amazing!

P.S. On another note, would you please pray for her dad, Bud VanTuyl, as he goes in for cancer surgery on Wednesday morning? Thanks!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 13

The last five days have been full of temptations!  We had a celebration at our house on Tuesday for Jeff.  He completed his masters!  Woo hoo!!  So I, not realizing how hard it would be, wanted to throw him a party.  Just a small quiet party with the six of us.  He had an elders meeting so he didn't get home until 9:15.  This gave us plenty of time to make a strawberry cake with a container of suger strawberries on top with a vanilla pudding, cool whip frosting. (I'm giving you details so you can understand what my taste buds were going through)  For dinner we made his favorite which is chicken with a dijon mustard, ranch sauce all on a bed of angel hair pasta.  To through something healthy in there I steamed brocolli (but made cheese to drizzle on top), and got his favorite drink which is cream soda!  He was so excited and surprised.  We sat down and I filled everyone's plate.  Then I turned to my plate which had a banana and brocoli, with no cheese, on it.  I was mad that I didn't have what they had.  Was the celebration about the food?  No, but that is how I work.  If there isn't good food, it isn't a party.  If we go to the movies and don't get popcorn and pop, we might as well just stay at home.  I went to bed a little sad that night.  Tonight was hard again because we had Eli's birthday party.  Another yummy meal and another cake!
Even though it has been hard, I am not tempted to cheat.  I am, however, tempted to be grumpy and ugly.  I am tempted to get angry.  I want  to do this.  I don't want to think food is the reason for every event.  I want to continue to pray for deliverance that I know will come when I surrender this whole issue to Him.  Still don't know what my plan is on day 22.  I know He will show me!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 8

Well I am on day 8 and feel an overwhelming peace.  I have been reading the devotions that are in the book I got on the Daniel Fast.  It has great verses that have really helped me put this all into perspective.  I would still love to shove my face into any type of chocolate or a cheeseburger from Sonic!  The problem is I don't think I would have any self-control if my fast were over tomorrow.  Scares me a little bit but I am still praying for God to transform my heart with this issue. 
I went through my book and wrote down several new recipes I am going to make this week.  That is fun, trying new things to see what my family will enjoy eating with me and what they wouldn't be able to gag down.  Right now I have rice simmering for a rice and beans recipe.  Brown rice of course, I would much rather have white!  It does smell amazing so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. 
Over all I am plugging right along on this journey with God and, if you can believe this, am enjoying it.  I am not in bad moods or grumpy like I have been on every diet I have ever done.  That is itself is a miracle!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

I wanted to share that tomorrow I will complete one week of doing the Daniel Fast.  I have been amazed at how God has helped me do it.  I haven't cheated once!  I have had a crazy busy weekend with two birthday parties for Joshua and Eli.  I have made a cake and cupcakes.  Served out ice cream, cinnamon rolls, hot dogs and yummy mac and cheese.  I wasn't really even tempted.  A few times maybe.  Still praying for God to change my heart through this process to love and think of Him more than food!  That I will be changed so that when the fast is over I will still be eating healthy.
I don't really have time to journal more, just wanted to say I am doing good and am so thankful for God's faithfulness!
I will try to share more tomorrow!