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Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 8

Well I am on day 8 and feel an overwhelming peace.  I have been reading the devotions that are in the book I got on the Daniel Fast.  It has great verses that have really helped me put this all into perspective.  I would still love to shove my face into any type of chocolate or a cheeseburger from Sonic!  The problem is I don't think I would have any self-control if my fast were over tomorrow.  Scares me a little bit but I am still praying for God to transform my heart with this issue. 
I went through my book and wrote down several new recipes I am going to make this week.  That is fun, trying new things to see what my family will enjoy eating with me and what they wouldn't be able to gag down.  Right now I have rice simmering for a rice and beans recipe.  Brown rice of course, I would much rather have white!  It does smell amazing so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised. 
Over all I am plugging right along on this journey with God and, if you can believe this, am enjoying it.  I am not in bad moods or grumpy like I have been on every diet I have ever done.  That is itself is a miracle!

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